Machine Learning

AI is an epoch shift similar to the dawn of the internet and the introduction of the iphone.

At S0c13ty we are interested in the applications built on top of the Large Language Models. These ideas will be the new Googles and Amazons, rather than just the LLM infrastructure.

Our research projects include:
  • Synthetic Intelligence exploring beyond LLMs into what makes up personality - memory, belief, prejudices, opinions, desires, actions (see Letoh Hotel, Companion)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) replacing administrative tasks with machine learning (see OPERATOR)
  • Machine Vision for increased convenience uploading items online (see Rummij, Hoardar)

The Future of Social Networking

Social networking is fragmenting away from the giant mega-groups (Twitter, Facebook, et al) to better service the needs of individual communities.

(see Hoardar, BigNoteLittleNote)

The Future of Work

Two competing yet complimentary forces are driving the future of work:
  1. Roboticisation AI replacing jobs in:
    • Administrative roles (processing workflows)
    • Human → Computer inferface roles (anyone using a CRM e.g. call centre operators)
    • Knowledge roles (whose predominant skill is remembering domain information e.g. legal, medical, educational)
    • (See OPERATOR)
  2. Workforce egalitarianism bringing:
    • Empowerment to workers
    • Accountability to business
    • (See H0urs, the AirBnB of self-employment)