Code Club resources & docs

S0C13TY code club resources and documentation - if you're interested in learning more about coding contact me via Twitter @jamestinman.

The point of C0de C1ub

The basics of coding have not changed for decades, even though technical advances have vastly increased what it is possible to achieve.

Code Club requires no pre-requisites; it is specifically for people who are interested but don't know how to get into it. Each session builds up the knowledge in core programming concepts, but these are applicable to any programming language.

Over the course of 8 weeks we build a functioning web application, with links to learn more about each area.


  1. HTML - how to build a basic web-site
  2. CSS - how to make that web-site look nice
  3. Programming pt.1 - how to program, including variables, conditionals, loops and functions
  4. Programming pt.2 - using PHP to generate HTML
  5. Databases - how to write SQL to create a database, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE
  6. Web Application pt.1 - plugging it all together, using PHP to dynamically create web-pages from a database
  7. Web Application pt.2 - updating databases via the web (HTML forms, GET, POST)
  8. Roundup - problem solving, Q&A, next steps to continue your learning