HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is what web-pages are made of.

Get Ready

Build the most basic web-page ever

Create a new file which literally just contains some writing and save it as index.html


Find that file and double-click to open it in a browser. Voila! Your first web-page.

Add some html tags

HTML tags are used to space things out and make them look different. They have < > signs around them, e.g. <b> is the bold tag.

Tags usually have a closing tag - the same thing with a slash at the start - to tell the browser when you want that tag's influence to stop, e.g. <b>This will be bold!</b>. Try it:


Note the <p> tag is for "paragraph"

Give it some structure

You can nest tags inside other tags. Let's give your HTML page some proper structure, with an overall html tag, a head section and a body section


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